The Fredericton Mr Automotives Bantam AAA Caps played their biggest game of the season this past weekend.  No, the outcome of the game didn’t really matter much, it was the meaning of that game that held the significance. The Caps held a fundraiser game appropriately named “Cross-Check Cancer” on Sunday, Feb. 25 while hosting the visiting Northwest Pionniers.

The event was for the fathers of Caps forwards Zander Best and Owen Tran-James Best and Dr. Peter Tran-who were both diagnosed with cancer this season and who are currently undergoing treatment. News of the fundraiser travelled quickly and the Fredericton (Tran’s hometown) and Doaktown/Chipman (Best’s current residence/hometown) communities generously donated BBQ services, food, raffle table prizes, and monetary compensation in a show of support to the two affected families.

The Caps players and families had spent the weeks leading up to the game promoting the event, making posters of support, preparing canteen food, and organizing the raffle table.  Although no monetary goal had been set, the team was overwhelmed with the amount of support and the donations that poured in on Sunday. Through collections at the door, canteen sales, raffle ticket sales, and the 50/50 collection, over $16,000 was raised, far surpassing any expectations. An estimated crowd of 600+ people came out to show their support and to cheer on the two teams at the York Arena that was filled to near capacity. Tran scored the game’s first goal with the assist coming from Best. At the end of a very close game, the Caps prevailed 4-2, with Best adding the empty-netter.  The Caps would like to thank all of the sponsors, volunteers, fans, and the Pionieers team for their support, and contributions to this event.